Should I Hire a Second Photographer for my Wedding Day?

This is a question brides ask me all the time!! I figured a blog post is the perfect way to lay out why I believe a second photographer is DEFINITELY worth the investment. Here are my 3 top reasons!

1. I can’t be in two places at once

…But you’ll want multiple angles captured at once. Take your ceremony for example, when your dad is walking you down the aisle. I’ll be up at the front capturing your faces as you walk, as well as your groom’s sweet reaction. But if I'm up front, who will hang behind to grab the epic shot of your guests standing and smiling at your entrance, and document how bomb the back of your dress looks?? The second photographer of course!!

2.Your groom deserves to be fussed over, too

To be honest, the bride is always my priority on a wedding day. I spend the morning with her and her bridesmaids as they get ready, and I take more time capturing all her details, from her earrings to her shoes. BUT your groom is just as important (weddings are about two people, after all!) He deserves attention too, and this is an excellent job for your second photographer! They will spend the beginning of the day with him and his groomsmen as they hang out. They'll be there as his mom irons his shirt, and as his best man straightens his tie. These are photos you're sure to cherish! 

3. Candid photos are the best!

Your primary photographer is responsible to get those must-have shots (you and your groom during your first dance, for example.) While I make sure to capture every dip and twirl, your trusty second photographer (you’re really starting to love this imaginary person, right??) will be tiptoeing around the room, grabbing photos of your guests’ reactions. And trust me, that adorable shot of your mom beaming at you two dancing the night away will be JUST AS LOVELY for the wedding album!

Finally, I want to mention what hiring a second photographer DOESN’T mean. Having two photographers doesn’t mean you’ll get double the photos! Sure, you will most likely get more photos in your final gallery, but the job of your second photographer is not to mirror your main photographer, but to compliment them. And that’s a beautiful thing. 

As a wedding photographer, of course I prioritize photography and hope my brides will, too. I love sharing my knowledge with you as you plan your best-day-ever, and I hope after reading this you’ll be convinced that hiring a second photographer is worth every penny! (You only get married once, after all!!)