Heather and Aaron's Maternity Session

Some people are easy on the eyes. Some are good for the soul. These two are both! 

This sunset couples session was extra special, as Heather and Aaron are dear, sweet friends of mine. Like the best friendships, ours started one New Years Eve with lots of champagne and Bruno Mars music. Aaron (better known in our friend group as Twiggy) introduced us all to Uptown Funk before it was mainstream because he's hip like that.

Now let's fast forward to today and talk about Heather and Aaron's big, exciting news... they are expecting their first baby on December 31st! We met up on a HOT July evening to capture a set of photos before two become three. We had a blast chatting, giggling and taking in the beautiful scenery (despite all the mosquitoes!) Heather was absolutely glowing in every meaning of the word. Her warm personality is contagious - she's always smiling and making life better for everyone around her. This is why she's going make the best mom! Aaron is incredible too - he's hilarious, humble, and that kind of dependable man who will always be there for you. It makes perfect sense why these two click so well.

Heather and Aaron, I hope these images are a consistent reminder of your love for each other and your sweet little bundle on the way. 



Gorgeous florals by Alyssa Jackson / www.accentsfloraldesign.com

Heather and Aaron-43.JPG