Alexa and Collin's Chicago Engagement Session

Take the sweetest, most joyful couple you'll ever meet and put them in beautiful downtown Chicago scenery, and magical things happen.

Alexa was my very first friend when I moved to Chicago 4+ years ago. We were both fresh out of college starting our first big girl corporate jobs, clueless and slightly terrified. We leaned on each other during the unknown times, and partied through the fun times. My best memories of that year involve Alexa. Like the time we threw her a Lana Del Rey themed birthday party, or when we'd slay at Sex and the City trivia at our neighborhood bar!

Fast forward to 2017, when Alexa and her boo Collin got ENGAGED!! Guys. I'm obsessed with this couple. They are silly and full of joy, like all.the.time. We had a blast catching up on this sunny evening downtown. We grabbed cocktails at a rooftop bar and explored the Riverwalk, all the while snapping pics of them flirting and being their adorable model-esque selves. Alexa and Collin, you two are the absolute BEST and I can't wait for your wedding day!! 

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