Joie and Eddie's Cancun Engagement

You know those moments so coincidental you swear fate must have struck? That’s what it felt like when Keith and I met Joie and Eddie on the beach in Cancun! We were staying at the same resort, enjoying a relaxing day on the beach (margaritas obviously included.) We formed a quick friendship and soon learned these two are also from the Chicago area! What are the odds?? 

And now on to the fun part, Joie and Eddie just got ENGAGED on vacation in Cancun!! Talk about an amazing celebration! I met up with them on the beach at sunrise to capture photos of this special moment in their lives. The views were beautiful, but these two totally stole the show. Eddie and Joie, CONGRATS AGAIN on your engagement and it was so fun meeting you!

Eddie and Joie-25.JPG
Eddie and Joie-6.JPG
Eddie and Joie-57.JPG
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Eddie and Joie-37.JPG
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