Victoria and Jordan's Barn Wedding

The moment I arrived at the Merkel family farm, I knew it was going to be a special day. I was greeted by aunts, grandmas and sisters as everyone buzzed around putting final touches on the barn where Victoria and Jordan would say ‘I do’ hours later. The details were all handmade and arranged with care. My favorite touch was the large wooden arbor placed in front of the barn woven with tulle and bright fall-colored mums.

Victoria and Jordan’s day was what all weddings should feel like - personal, warm and full of love. They celebrated not only their marriage, but the family and friends who have brought them where they are today. The relaxed country scenery was the perfect backdrop as guests celebrated late into the evening under the big white tent and around the bonfire, clinking glasses and spreading warm laughter.

When it comes down to it, decorations don’t matter. Cake flavors don’t matter. PEOPLE matter. And these Victoria and Jordan honored and celebrated their people so hard that it absolutely touched my heart.

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