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hi! I'm rachael kazmier.

People lovingly refer to me as the girl who never changes out of her yoga pants. My life is spent 50% bumming on my couch with my cats, and 50% living out of suitcases as I explore this beautiful world, camera in hand! I’m a Midwest girl, a big dreamer, and a wife to my wonderful husband/best friend.

I serve couples who are joyfully and effortlessly in love by telling their stories through photography. Pictures are perhaps my favorite thing in this world, especially the meaningful, emotional kind. Every day I wake up with a grateful heart that I get to call this job “work!” 


A few things you might not know about me!

  • Donuts are my favorite food! I keep it pretty simple, a classic glazed with vanilla icing is my go-to (don't forget the sprinkles!!)
  • I’m a total cat lady. I have 2 rescue kitties of my own named Cedar and Luna, and in my free time I volunteer at a local animal shelter.
  • The next destination on my travel bucket list is Greece. 
  •  Bad dance moves are my love language. The more ridiculous the better.
  • I have a candle obsession. I collect them in a little cabinet and burn them according to mood or season.
  • I’m obsessed with all things Disney. From the characters to the parks to the movies, it just makes my heart happy!